International Courier & Cargo Service For Belgium

As an air taxi service, European Air Transport was established in Belgium in 1971. Pirlot de Corbion and Dessain, two pilots, created EAT. EAT began with two aircraft, a Gardan Horizon and a Beechcraft Queen Air. EAT established a pilot training school in response to the Belgian market's need for pilots. In 1973, EAT became Europe's first Piper Flying Center. In 1985, EAT contracted with DHL Worldwide Express to expand its operations. DHL had previously chosen Brussels Airport to serve as its European hub. Since EAT and DHL worked so well together, DHL decided in 1986 to include EAT in the DHL group. As a result, EAT became the main DHL airline with flights to Europe and Africa. EAT joined the International Air Transport Association on January 19, 1993. EAT obtained the necessary permits to transport a variety of hazardous materials and live animals in the same year.