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Juan de Bermdez, a Spanish explorer who discovered the archipelago in 1505, is credited with giving Bermuda its name. Since 1612, the islands have been inhabited continuously. In 1684, they became a crown colony and became part of British America. The colony became a base for merchants, privateers, and the Royal Navy after the slave trade ended at the end of the 17th century. The first African slaves arrived in 1616. In more recent times, Bermuda's economy has benefited significantly from tourism. The territory developed into an offshore financial hub and tax haven following World War II.

Bermuda was the most populous of the British overseas territories as of July 2018, with approximately 70,000 people living there. White Bermudians, who are primarily of British, Irish, and Portuguese descent, make up 30% of the population, while Black Bermudians, who are primarily descended from African slaves, make up approximately 50% of the population.