International Courier & Cargo Service For Bhutan

Dzongkha: Bhutan romanized: South Asia's Druk Gyal Khap] is a landlocked nation. It is in the Eastern Himalayas, between India and China in the north and south. Bhutan is a mountainous nation that is also known as "Druk Yul," or "Land of the Thunder Dragon," to locals. Despite being close to Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh do not share a land border. The country is ranked 133rd in terms of land area and 160th in terms of population, with a population of over 727,145 [15] and a territory of 38,394 square kilometers (14,824 sq mi). With a king (Druk Gyalpo) serving as the head of state and a prime minister serving as the head of government, Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy. Je Khenpo is the religion of the head of state, and Vajrayana Buddhism is the state religion.