International Courier & Cargo Service For Botswana

Botswana's postal system was first established in 1875 by the London Missionary Society. Mail was transported from Bulawayo, now in Zimbabwe, to Mafikeng, now in South Africa, by pairs of "runners" back then. Later, when the railway was built, trains took the place of people running on foot. The Botswana postal service purchased its own fleet of vehicles toward the end of the 1990s to transport mail and packages. The Bechuanaland Protectorate Postal Services were established from the missionaries' late 19th-century postal service. Following its rebranding into the Department of Posts and Telegraphs upon Botswana's independence in 1966, The Post Office Savings Bank was one of the services that were provided at that time.

The Botswana Telecommunications Corporation was established as a separate parastatal in 1980. Botswana Savings Bank was also spun off as a separate business two years later. In 1989, BotswanaPost finally became its own entity. Through a partnership with BotswanaPost, Botswana Savings Bank will provide banking services through the 120 postal locations scattered throughout Botswana. In the years that followed, new technologies like email, internet services, and later mobile phones all decreased the use of letters as the preferred method of communication.