International Courier & Cargo Service For Burkina Faso


In 2000, the Public authority of Burkina Faso arranged 15,000 kilometers of street as a feature of the public street network oversaw under the Service of Foundations Transport and Lodging (MITH) through the Directorate of Streets (DGR). Only ten of the network's main roads are even partially paved, and the paved roads are plagued by dangerous potholes, missing signage, missing barriers and guardrails near roadside hazards, and no pavement markings to separate traffic moving in opposite directions. This network also includes main inter-city roads and access roads for départments' capital cities.

The World Bank noted that the nation was a regional hub with paved roads connecting it to Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, and Niger. However, "trucking cartels and red tape contribute to high transportation costs and diminished international competitiveness." As of May 2011, the nation's road infrastructure was rated to be in relatively good condition. "[3] The main road network's maintenance and rehabilitation requirements are said to be underfunded, and 58% of businesses in Burkina Faso identified roads as a major business constraint.