International Courier & Cargo Service For Gambia

The Gambia has a mix of public and private transportation options, including paved and unpaved roads, water transportation, and air transportation. The country is divided by the river Gambia, which runs parallel to both sides of the Trans-Gambia Highway. The Senegambia bridge or a ferry can be used to cross the river. The nation does not have any railroads.
The Gambia had a few small railways during colonial times. One in Bathurst, which is now called Banjul, ran from Wellington Street to The Marina, which is now called Liberation Avenue and Marina Parade. The railroad is clearly visible on a 1909 map from the War Office. From the wharfs to the warehouses, both Kuntaur and Kaur had railroads that were comparable. For shipping merchandise from ships, wagons pushed by hand were used on the railways. Maurel & Prom and other significant trading firms made use of them. These railroads were in operation until the 1960s.