International Courier & Cargo Service For Greenland

During World War II, the United States controlled Greenland and constructed bases and airports while Germany occupied Denmark. The airports were referred to by their codenames as Bluie West One through Bluie West Eight on the west side of the island and Bluie East One through Bluie East Four on the east side (some of the airports only allowed access by sea plane, while others did not allow access by air). Because it is the only airport without Thule Airbase that has a runway that is long enough to accommodate large jets, the largest of these airports, Bluie West Eight, which has been renamed Kangerlussuaq Airport, continues to serve as the international hub for travel to Greenland. At one point, authorities in the United States considered building a road from Kangerlussuaq to Narsarsuaq, which is home to the second-largest airport and is several hundred kilometers to the south. After there was no evidence that it was feasible, the idea was dropped. Travelers must use a helicopter or small plane from Kangerlussuaq to get to settlements because these airbases are usually not near towns. The Civil Aviation Administration Denmark or the Greenland Airport Authority are in charge of all matters pertaining to civil aviation.

There are now 18 airstrips in Greenland, 14 of which are paved. While some are constructed by the Greenlandic government, the majority are based on US airbases. Air Greenland operates all domestic flights. In 2002, the Danish name "Greenlandfly" was changed to "Greenlandair" in English. There are only four weekly international flights from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Narsarsuaq is served by Icelandair flights from Reykjavk. "Day trips to the wilderness" are also available from Reykjavik to Kulusuk on the east coast. Over [via?] Icelandair travels to Ittoqqortoormiit. Kulusuk once or twice a week all year long. Throughout the year, there are flights that depart from Reykjavik. Additionally, beginning in April 2011, there will be year-round flights between Reykjavik and Ilulissat. [Needs update] Additionally, during the summer, Air Greenland will operate a route between Iqaluit, Canada, and Nuuk.