International Courier & Cargo Service For Kyrgyzstan

The agricultural sector is a huge part of Kyrgyzstan's economy. The primary agricultural products are cotton, tobacco, wool, and meat; however, only cotton and tobacco are exported in any quantity. Healy Consultants claims that Kyrgyzstan's economy is heavily reliant on industrial exports and has abundant reserves of gold, mercury, and uranium. Additionally, the economy is heavily dependent on foreign worker remittances. Kyrgyzstan pioneered market reforms after independence, including land reform and an improved regulatory system. Kyrgyzstan was the first country from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to join the World Trade Organization in 1998. The government's stake in businesses has been substantially sold. Economic performance in Kyrgyzstan has been hampered by widespread corruption, low foreign investment, and general instability in the region. In spite of these problems, Kyrgyzstan is ranked 70th on the ease of doing business index as of 2019.