International Courier & Cargo Service For Liberia

Liberia has 266 miles of railroads, 6,580 miles of highways (of which 408 miles are paved), seaports, 29 airports (of which 2 miles are paved), and 2 miles of pipeline for oil transportation. In and around Monrovia, the most common means of ground transportation are taxis and buses. There are also charter boats available.
In the past, Liberia had three railways built to send ore from mines abroad; The civil war caused damage to them. Only the Bong mine railway was operational in 2010, but ArcelorMittal rebuilt at least some of the Lamco Railway and put it back into service in 2011. Despite a proposal to extend the Bong mine railway to serve a Guinean mine across the border, there are no rail connections with other nations.