International Courier & Cargo Service For Malaysia

During British colonial rule, Malaysia's transportation started to develop, and the country now has a diverse and developed transportation network. There are 2,016.05 kilometers of expressways in Malaysia's 290,099.38-kilometer road network (in 2021). Over 800 kilometers of the country's main highway connect Singapore to the Thai border. The road network in Peninsular Malaysia is extensive, whereas the road network in East Malaysia is not as well-developed. Buses, trains, automobiles, motorcycles (including those from Perlis and Kedah), and, to a lesser extent, commercial flights are the primary modes of transportation in Peninsular Malaysia.

Malaysia has six worldwide air terminals. Malaysia Airlines is Malaysia's official airline, operating domestic and international flights alongside two other carriers. Air routes connect the majority of major cities. The 1,849-kilometer rail network is governed by the state. Commuter rail and rapid transit are popular in cities because they are regarded as safe, comfortable, and dependable in addition to reducing the burden on other transportation systems from traffic.