International Courier & Cargo Service For Mauritania

The people of Mauritania travel in a variety of ways. Major national cities are connected by highways and railways. Since Mauritania is a country on the coast, it has a lot of ports along its coast and a few big rivers that run through it. Last but not least, the nation is home to 26 airports.
Only about 3,000 kilometers (1,900 miles) of surfaced roads, 710 kilometers (440 miles) of unsurfaced roads, and 5,140 kilometers (3,190 miles) of unimproved tracks exist in Mauritania. Road maintenance and repair are particularly challenging because of the country's size and harsh climate. Traveling by land is difficult, and there is almost no roadside assistance. Mauritania's roads are in poor condition, particularly in the interior, and public transportation is unsafe. Driving in Mauritania can be risky, and many people drive without paying attention to traffic signs or the rules. Drivers frequently encounter roadblocks and dangers brought on by animals, drifting sand, and poor road conditions.