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The United Nations' specialized agency for shipping regulation is the International Maritime Organization. The IMO came into existence ten years later, holding its first meeting in 1959, following agreement at a UN conference in Geneva in 1948. IMO currently has 175 Member States and three Associate Members, with headquarters in London, UK.

The IMO's current mandate includes maritime safety, environmental issues, legal issues, technical cooperation, maritime security, and shipping efficiency. Its primary goal is to create and maintain a comprehensive regulatory framework for shipping. An assembly of members oversees IMO and meets every two years. A council of 40 elected members oversees the organization and finances of the organization. Five committees, supported by technical subcommittees, carry out the work of the IMO. The IMO's proceedings may be observed by other UN organizations. Non-governmental organizations that meet the requirements are granted observer status.

A permanent secretariat of employees who are representative of the members of the organization provides IMO with support. A Secretary-General who is elected by the assembly on a regular basis heads the secretariat, which also includes divisions for marine safety, environmental protection, and a conference section.