International Courier & Cargo Service For Mongolia

Small Parcel Courier: Offering deeply discounted rates on small parcels boosts your company's competitiveness and makes it more appealing to customers in the United States. Depending on the city, different carriers will offer better deals. Special Offer Rate for Above 10 Kg Parcel – We have the best deals for sending courier, cargo, and parcel to Mongolia for more than 10 Kg box with express and economy delivery send query for lowest charges Volume Consolidated Services – SMEs have easy access to the Global India Express tier 1 carrier network of consolidated courier services. With Global India Express, you can always find the cheapest way to courier from Delhi/NCR. Consolidated shipping is another option for locating the most cost-effective method of shipping goods from Delhi/NCR to Mongolia.
Delivery of Excess and Unaccompanied Baggage: Customers can count on Global India Express for a dependable, safe, and secure excess baggage courier service. Packaging materials of the highest quality and other services associated with them are tailored to the particular mode of transportation.