International Courier & Cargo Service For Mozambique

Mozambique has rail, road, water, and air transportation. Major cities are served by rail, which also connects the nation to Malawi, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. There are over 30,000 kilometers of roads, but the majority of them are unpaved.

There are a number of large seaports along the Indian Ocean coast, including Nacala, Beira, and Maputo, with additional ports being built. 3,750 kilometers of navigable inland waterways exist. Maputo has an international airport, 21 other paved airports, and more than 100 runways that are not paved.
Over the course of more than a century, three distinct Indian Ocean ports that serve as terminals for distinct routes to the hinterland shaped the Mozambican railway system. During the Mozambican Civil War, the railroads were a major target, were sabotaged by RENAMO, and are currently being restored. Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique, a parastatal organization (abbreviated CFM; Mozambique Ports and Railways) manages Mozambique's railway system and its connected ports, but most of the management has been outsourced. There is a development corridor for each line.