International Courier & Cargo Service For Serbia

Serbia's national airline is Air Serbia. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport serves as the primary hub for the business, which has its headquarters in the Serbian city of Belgrade. Prior to its 2013 renaming and rebranding, the airline operated under the name Jat Airways.
The first Serbian company for civil air transport, Aeroput, was established in 1927, giving rise to Air Serbia. With the opening of an international airport in 1927, Belgrade, the nation's capital, also became the center of its operations. As the Kingdom of Yugoslavia's flag carrier, Aeroput significantly enhanced regional connectivity through the opening of numerous airfields across the country. Aeroput launched its first regularly scheduled international route in 1929, Belgrade–Zagreb–Graz–Vienna, in addition to providing passenger, mail, and cargo service to its domestic destinations. It expanded in the 1930s by opening new routes to Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Italy, and Czechoslovakia. One Aeroput MMS-3, one Breguet 19/10, two Caudron C.449 Goéland, one De Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth, one De Havilland DH.60M Moth, one De Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth, one De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide, one Farman F.190, one Farman F.306, eight Lockheed Model 10 Electra, six Potez 29/2.