International Courier & Cargo Service For South Korea

The Korean Register (KR) is a South Korean classification society that provides design, construction, and maintenance verification and certification services for ships and marine structures. The society was established in 1960 and has 889 employees. It has 66 offices around the world and its headquarters in Busan.

The trade association of major global classification societies is the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), and KRS is a full member of IACS.
Although railways play a secondary role in comparison to the road network, rail transportation in South Korea is an important component of the country's transportation network and a mode of transportation for both people and goods. Standard-gauge lines run 4,285 km (2,663 mi) between all major cities, with the exception of Jeju City on Jeju Island, which has no railways. 2,790 kilometers (1,730 miles) of the network are double-tracked, and 3,187 kilometers (1,980 miles) are electrified. 134.8 million passengers and 30.9 million tonnes of freight were transported by rail in South Korea in 2018, accounting for 11.5 percent of all traffic, while roads carried 88.3 percent.