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There are a variety of modes of transportation in the Surinamese Republic. As part of its Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement, Suriname has committed to implementing emissions controls for automobiles and increasing investment in public transportation. Transportation emissions are a growing component of Suriname's contribution to climate change.
The Afobakaweg is a two-lane, paved road that connects Paranam to Afobaka, where the Afobaka Dam is. The road leads to Paramaribo and the East-West Link in the north. There are two main branches of the Afobakaweg: Brokopondo can be reached via a paved branch, and Brownsweg can be reached via another paved branch to Pokigron. As of May 2020, the planning phase for a further Pokigron branch expansion to Brazil via Vier Gebroeders is still ongoing.