International Courier & Cargo Service For Tanzania

In Tanzania, there are road, rail, air, and maritime transportation networks. There are 86,472 kilometers (53,731 miles) of roads in the country. Of those, 12,786 kilometers (7,945 miles) are trunk roads and 21,105 kilometers (13,114 miles) are regional roads. There are 3,682 kilometers (2,000 miles) of track in the rail network. Only Dar es Salaam is served by a commuter rail system. The largest and busiest of the 28 airports is Julius Nyerere International. Ferries connect Zanzibar's islands to Tanzania's mainland. The nations' lakes and rivers are served by a number of additional ferries.
The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), which is an Executive Agency under the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Communications, was established in July 2000. It is in charge of the upkeep and development of the trunk and regional road networks on the mainland of Tanzania. Based on the Road Act of 2007, the total classified road network in mainland Tanzania was estimated to be 53,731 miles (86,472 km). The national road network, which is approximately 33,891 kilometers (21,059 miles) long and consists of 12,786 kilometers (7,945 miles) of trunk road and 21,105 kilometers (13,114 miles) of regional road, is managed by the Ministry of Works through TANROADS. The Prime Minister's Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG) is in charge of the remaining network of approximately 53,460 kilometers (33,220 miles) of urban, district, and feeder roads.